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02 February 2013 @ 04:10 pm
SHIT YEAH! I CAN HAVE THE O-- ....old....version.... well, they haven't made this the--oh, there's a link up there to switch to the old version for posts, too.... hmm i think i'll wait on that one, this kinda looks cool. let's see how difficult it is to use....

hey, where...oh god, i click on my icon to choose a different icon, don't i? i feel like it wasn't like this directly after 88. ugh........ bluh.

well! if i can see comments and themes in the better LJ format, then i just might catch up here... looks like the RP community hasn't come back to the cookie crumbs in the trap. they've officially moved off to Dreamwidth... which is cool, i'm there too.

but still, this is cool, the old style... i just might be reading old threads now~ ciao!

and hello again, everyone, if any of you are here.
24 November 2012 @ 03:57 pm
god it's sad coming back here, and re-reading old threads...in an entirely different format. i. the past is gone, and i'll never get that time back. i'll never be able to do those things i had been gunning to do, gathering my courage, and trying my darndest to get my heart up to taking up the task and just taking the risk.

i miss the old LJ. i miss the old people. and old friends. and people who i wanted to get to know but never tried.

finding RP threads that i forgot to save is the worst.
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06 October 2012 @ 02:23 pm
well. i see how it is. tumblr is down for the day, and I run to livejournal.

hi, guys! (wow, it's weird having to double-enter to get the effect i want. it's been way too long!!!)

i'm just lurkin' lookin' for drarry fic, because i suddenly ship them for some reason. they used to weird me out together if they weren't shipped black. as arch enemies, y'know? but throw a little sex in there...and it's actually pretty damn hot.

i'm sorry, snarry... i think i have a new HP OTP.


other than that i'm not up to anything. i'm just puttin' off goin' to hobby lobby to finish Max's wings. i'm gonna cosplay Maximum Ride fuck yeah. and i don't wanna go to work...

also: gcp i just don't use these enough anymore

check ya later. i guess?
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01 October 2012 @ 05:30 pm
y'know... as pissed off as i still am at you, lj

i still miss the good ol' days.

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okay i am NOT letting tumblr being stupid stop me from sharing this with the non-pixiv community. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BLUNDER THROUGH MOONSPEAK TO BE ABLE TO SEE PRETTY PICTURES.

ahem. so! here's a Sasuke-centric strip full of sadness and hope and darkness and total Sasuke. it makes ME sad, and I'm not a Sasuke sympathizer. Sasukethizer? well whtaever. WHATEVER.

I recommend listening to If by Kana Nishino. Somehow, it fit perfectly when I read it, and ended right when i finished reading. Though maybe I was listening to something else in the beginning...

This is all from here.

CLICK AT YOUR OWN SADNESS RISK like year old spoilersCollapse )
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16 May 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Wow, well. Hi! I dunno who still wants ta talk ta me cos I'm horrible, but. Yeah. I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN FOREVER. And this is a bad thing. Even though I'm still pissed off at LJ, there's nostalgia here. People I still like. So! I'll try to keep up here, but. For the most part, I've moved...

to my Tumblr! I reblog the shit I like, and I ask ALL THE ASKS. ALL OF THEM. And all the askblogs ;D

so um! if anyone still wants ta be friends or be close or get closer or WHATEVER you can contact me there! i also have a dreamwidth but i haven't been on it much. but i just updated now that i thought about it eheh!

more blahCollapse )
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25 April 2012 @ 02:02 pm

I can dig it.
Makes sense! I'm a very Naruto-like person. HEAD-ON ATTACKS! DEFENSE? WHAT'S THAT?! Best defense is PUNCHIN 'EM IN THE FACE! YEAAAAHHHHHHH!

okay, catchin' up now~ 8D
04 March 2012 @ 03:15 am
What name do you wish you had?

Something that someone can fucking spell.
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25 February 2012 @ 07:10 pm
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12 February 2012 @ 01:58 pm
eating ramen alone in my dorm.

hey, what movie should i watch? my roomie and her bf are out eating lunch and shit.

i just got Lady and the Tramp, but... I dunno. Thoughts? Feelings? Recommendations?
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